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Arthritis Rehabilitation and Education Program

Arthritis Rehabilitation and Education

What is the Arthritis Rehabilitation and Education Program (AREP)?

The Arthritis Society provides a range of services for children and adults living with arthritis in Ontario. Services include:

  • client-centred rehabilitation services
  • consultation and guidance on arthritis self-management in the home, workplace and community
  • individual and group education sessions

Who is our care team?

  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Social Workers

Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists receive cross-training and have expanded roles. We use chronic disease management principles in our practice.

Social Workers can help you access community social services and benefit programs, identify government resources, address work, transportation and housing challenges. They can also help you cope with your emotional health and manage stress, as well as discuss with your family how arthritis affects you directly.

What can you expect in your session?

Services are provided individually or in a group setting.

In an individual appointment, you will develop a plan with your clinician which may include:

  • Education and support
  • Improved pain control, stiffness, mobility
  • Improved strength, endurance and energy
  • Gait (walking) and mobility issues
  • Functional problems limiting activities of daily living or leisure
  • Adapting the home or workplace splints, mobility devices or equipment to improve function
  • Links to other health or community resources

In a group session you will learn techniques to help manage your arthritis and receive valuable information about arthritis.

How much does AREP cost?

These services are free (funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care through Local Health Integration Networks). AREP operates under the terms of a 'Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreement (M-SAA)' with the Mississauga Halton Local Health Integration Network (LHIN). As per the transparency requirements of the agreement, please find the most up-to-date copies of the 'M-SAA Agreement' and our 'Declaration of Compliance' below. These documents are available for public view and hard copies may be obtained at all Arthritis Society operating locations in Ontario.

How do I participate in AREP?

To participate, contact the nearest Arthritis Society office in Ontario to book an appointment. To be eligible to participate you must have a confirmed diagnosis of arthritis by a physician. Contact the Arthritis Society in Ontario.

How do I refer patients to AREP?

If you are a health professional and would like to refer a patient to our program, you can use this referral form. You can print the referral form and mail or fax it to the nearest Arthritis Society office in Ontario.

Contact the Arthritis Society in Ontario

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