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As the proud voice for people affected by arthritis in Canada, we often speak up and speak out in order to capture the attention of decision-makers at both the Federal and Provincial level. Our goal is to understand the needs and to identify gaps that are important to champion with the government to drive change and to elevate the overall profile of the disease.

We pursue this work in a variety of ways:

  • Meet with key federal and provincial decision-maker – both elected and unelected
  • Speak and present at Parliamentary and legislative committee hearings
  • Commission policy papers and analyses on vital issues
  • Participate in formal government, industry and sector consultations
  • Collaborate or lead health charity and patient group
  • Prepare issue-papers
  • Organize and urge important policy changes during elections 

None of this activity is possible without the active and engaged participation of those living in their home communities. Our effectiveness as advocates and our legitimacy as a patient voice comes from the grassroots involvement at the community level.  

Report on the Pain Symposium

The Arthritis Society’s Pain Symposium, held in Toronto on May 8 and 9, 2017, brought together key stakeholder groups, experts and opinion leaders from across Canada to shine a lens on pain research, management, policy and strategy from the patient perspective, and to help inform the Arthritis Society’s future planning for initiatives on the pain issue. This paper provides a summary of the issues the participants discussed and conclusions they reached.